About dtk


The dtk codebase is licensed under the New BSD License unless noted otherwise.


Built on top of Gitorious this site provides an infrastructure for hosting projects that use dtk.

The central entity is the project, which contains one or more top-level repositories and any repositories managed by the project's contributors.

This allows you, as a project administrator, to keep an eye on what people are working on in their individual clones of your repositories. It also lets you merge or provide feedback on their contributions.

Likewise, as a project contributor, you get a place to host your contributions and provide feedback back into the projects ecosystem and easily collaborate with others on the same project. You get your own personal clone of the project on the site that you can work freely in and a way to package up your changes and notify the other project members about your changes.

  • Project hosting
  • Hosting of official project repositories
  • Hosting of project repository clones
  • Project wikis
  • Public merge requests and code review
  • Project activity timeline
  • Developer profiles and activity timelines
  • Built in notification systems
  • Free for opensource projects
  • Commercial support and customizations available